Early years.

I have had an amazing life in the terms of our physical realm and what you see.  My parents afforded me opportunities that they could only dream of when they were children.  I was baptized and raised Catholic, I grew up in a affluent mostly white suburb, my parents always put my brother and I above them, and they did everything they could to keep us comfortable (which I was more than comfortable) and to ensure we had a bright future.  Although my standard of living was above the vast majority of the human populations, I was ungrateful.  When I use the word ungrateful I use it in the context that I simply did not understand what I was given, how could I?  I was never put in a situation where struggle was an every day occurrence.  My parents went out of their way to ensure I never had to struggle, looking back, not having to struggle had a dramatic impact on my core values that shaped me and my view of “reality”.

During my high school and college years I lost close to a dozen friends due to various reasons, overdose, suicide, car crashes etc.  The tremendous weight of these losses on top of my lack of understanding of the world led me down a misguided and dark path of even less self accountability, as well as taking a heavy toll on my parents physically, emotionally and financially.  It was not until my mid twenties near the completion of my college degree that my parents had finally had enough and asked me to attend school out of state.  I am not going to get into what my degree’s are in because that is not important, but what is important is that I was asked to leave my comfort zone and go out into the world.  Yes, I still would have the safety net of my amazing parents, but I would be forced to experience things that were foreign to me and I would have to take on responsibility that I was not accustomed too.  This my friends was the start of my journey, my inner journey to truth.


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