I remember being captivated by the diversity in Lincoln, so many people with different ideologies interacting and treating each other with kindness.  Wait, let me back track a bit here.  When I moved from Reno, Nevada to Sioux City, Iowa I was completely shocked at how different the two places were.  Reno was a very exciting, culturally diverse town with a lot of interesting history surrounding it.  Sioux City was completely opposite, people generally stuck to what they knew and did not embrace outsiders who were “different”.  There was not a whole lot do in Sioux City, and there really wasn’t anything special that would bring in people.  Quite a few times I’ve said this to friends, “the only people in Sioux City are people who were born there, from a smaller farm town outside there, or ended up getting stuck there (like me)”.  Luckily for me though I met my wife who introduced me to large group of people who were not shut off to new things or ideas.  Many of these people we still keep in touch with today and also visit when possible!

Our move to Lincoln, NE opened about a lot of doors, mostly good but there were also some not so good ones.    Lincoln brought a renewed feeling of excitement to my life, I was finally back in a place that accepted and embraced outsiders.  Our first few months in Lincoln happened to correspond with the beginning of our marriage, and we were about to hit a big bump in the road.  Long story short a job fell through for my wife so she spent about a month looking for a new job, and as it turns out she was better suited for the one she ended up getting.  But, during the month off my wife was able to explore Lincoln and get to know people, she made friends during this time and also really started to transition into more of a free spirit.  Honestly, I think I was caught of guard by all of it and even jealous because I had not met many people, well not ones I would consider friends I’d hangout with.  So during this period there was a build up of animosity by me towards the “holistic” lifestyle that is very prevalent in Lincoln.  I basically shut myself off and went back to what I felt comfortable with (being selfish) while my wife was exploring new foods, experiences, events…etc.  This ended up causing a gap in our marriage where we no longer had such similar interests because she had grown into a diverse vibrant human, while I had stayed stagnant.  Once again I had found a way to avoid making changes in my life because I was bitter about something so insignificant.  This pattern continued for a while, we basically lived parallel lives until…

After residing in Lincoln for four years an amazing event occurred, well series of events actually.  The first event was the birth of our amazing son, words cannot describe the joy he has brought into our lives.  His birth really awakened both of our hearts to love and it also brought perspective back into my life.  I could once again see how I was being selfish, similarly to when I left Reno.  We were now faced with choosing how to raise him, what beliefs do we want to instill in his heart?  Are we good role models?  How will we raise an amazing, compassionate, loving human?  All of these questions helped to deepen my need to explore and find out who I really am.

The other main event that really sealed the deal was being introduced to a family my wife had met through work at the hospital.  We both now worked at the same facility and she had come home multiple days talking about how awesome this “family” was.  She spoke one hundred miles an hour about how they were spiritual and you could feel their energy, she went on and on for hours about them.  Eventually at work I came down and was introduced and I can say whole heartedly that I was just as ecstatic as she was following her first encounter with them.  Over a couple days we spoke about meditation, lifestyle choices, career goals, family, basically anything and everything.  After seeing what a holistic lifestyle really is and how it can create a family that has so much love and compassion to not just themselves but everyone… I was hooked.

I now began re-exploring and researching how to go about my journey.  I received advice from various locations, a coworker gave me “the Tao of Pooh” which is an amazing read, it helped me identify that I was a “Bisy Backson” and I literally laughed out loud after reading that chapter.  The previous family had also recommended a guided spiritual program called The Recognitions Program, which has had a tremendous impact on my journey.  It  has helped me to establish a firm foundation of what a holistic lifestyle entails, and also how to succeed and reach my goal inner peace!

Recently I began thinking about all the random events that led to my wife meeting this family.  Then I began to be even more amazed when I contemplated my thousands of previous experiences/choices both good and bad that had pushed me to right here, right now.  What if I wouldn’t have got arrested in high school?  What if none of my friends died?  What if I was a better son? Or a better brother?  Every single one of these events led me to where I am right now, should I thank my old self?  Absolutely, if I wouldn’t have made those choices then I might not be here starting this amazing journey. But I also want to thank all the people I hurt along the way who have patiently waited for me to wake up!  Thank you and I’m sorry for hurting you!

Now that I have basically caught you up on my life and the events that led to this journey, its time to talk about where we go!  I have only just began my spiritual journey, I continue to meditate daily and I try to make small changes that are conducive to a holistic life, but its challenging.  My goal is to communicate my struggles and triumphs along this journey, hopefully you are on a similar journey and we can share this experience together!


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