Baby steps!

Finally at thirty years old I have established enough motivation to begin my journey to inner peace!  I identified areas that I wanted to initially focus my attention (diet, meditation).  I chose diet because food is not something I have not struggled with (short term) in the past, mean if I wanted to accomplish some sort of goal or”diet” I could without issues.  The struggle would be continuing to engage in my newly established eating habits (long term).  I also believe that mental health is vital to overall health in everyone, if your mental health is compromised then most likely you will have impaired physical and emotional health.  By taking steps to improve my mental health first I could hopefully establish a more clear vision and ensure I had the proper energy and strength for my upcoming journey.

Diet!  For my diet I actually chose to do something called intermittent fasting (IF), its not “a diet” but more a way of eating or “eating pattern”.  I have done bits of research over the past few years and read a lot of very interesting articles both supporting and disputing its claims.  In the end though I decided to give it a shot and see how it actually affected me.  I have been engaging in IF for a couple months now and personally I feel like a different person, which I will explain shortly.  Prior to IF I was a firm believer in the small frequent meals throughout the day to speed up my metabolism theory, but I found myself always feeling somewhat “foggy” as I mentioned in a previous post.  This “fog” was not only from diet (haha), I had many other unhealthy habits, however once I switched to IF I found myself feeling much more clear headed, I was able to focus on other things than food and more importantly when I did eat I made more conscious decisions about WHAT I was eating.  I also found myself having more energy throughout the day and my sleeping quality also improved.  My intermittent fasting routine consists of eating between 1200-2000 give or take an hour, and then fasting a minimum of sixteen hours, so in this case I would fast from 2000-1200.  One of the things I really like about IF is that you don’t restrict calories, you maintain the same amount of calories consumed however you alter the times you consume them…  I believe I have lost close to twenty pounds, which brought me back down to my recommended weight for my height (aprox. 160-165lbs).  At times it is poses challenges because my wife does not IF, but she does support and understand what I’m doing which is a huge help.  I also definitely have days where I make exceptions and will eat breakfast and what not, but for the most part I stick to this routine and it has had a very positive effect on my daily life.

My mental health has always been some what interesting to say the least!  If you ask my wife she will definitely tell you I am moody, and I’ll admit I probably am but I think it is more related to the big jumbled mess I have going on inside my head!  At any given moment during the day I probably have thirty to forty ideas of stuff I want to do, build, see, make etc… The list goes on and on.  So I could be in the middle of trying to process all these wild ideas when I’m interrupted (her simply asking how am I?) and that leads to an impulsive and rude tone in my response (if you have mind clutter you know what i’m talking about).  Previously I compared myself to a Bisy Backson from “The Tao of Poo” (great book if you haven’t read it) and now that I was aware of this, how would I correct it and learn to slow down and appreciate life for what it is?  How could I slow my mind down and try and live in the moment, live right now, and appreciate everything around me?  Well that answer is meditation.  Meditation is a practice I had previously tried and failed, but this time I was prepared!  I discovered something called “binaural beats” you can go check them out if interested, but basically they are specific sound waves that can induce different moods or mind states so to speak.  Anyways moving on, these binaural beats were my saving grace with meditation because I am able to put in my headphones and sit down and focus on the sounds which draws my mind away from all my wandering thoughts.  So I have established a time to practice daily meditation from 0500-0530, and with each day I find myself slipping into that void in my mind more easily…  If mediation interests you and you struggle with it check out the recognitions program through synchronicity, I highly recommend this program.  They provide you with a facilitator to guide you through your spiritual growth, also a program plan, readings to help and also just support your journey! !!

Next time I will tell you about how my meditation journey is going and what I have experienced and learned thus far!!!!



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