Exposure – A Better YOU!

Exposure is often something that many of us overlook or take for granted.  Have you ever wondered why you like the foods you do?  Or why you are afraid of spiders?  Why you are the way you are?  Why is it easy for this person to accept others, but I can’t?  It is because at some point you were exposed to a stimulus and had a good/or bad experience.  Something and/or someone in your past has most likely played an influential role on every little thing you do, the food you eat, the people you gravitate towards and even the way you view yourself!

Being a new parent I feel it is my duty to expose our son to as much “stuff” as possible, and that also means I need to do it with an open mind.  I personally HATE pickles.  So if I were to let my son a pickle while I had an obvious negative/and or attitude about them, he would most likely pick up on that vibe and possibly not like them because of my attitude.  Same scenario with spiders, snakes, bugs etc… Do you think a child is more likely to enjoy those little critters if one of his parents were Steve Irwin (may he RIP), you bet your little butt they would!  So why can we not recognize this and apply this concept to everyday life?  Why can we not exude positivity into everything and everyone?

Our attitude impacts everyone and everything around you!  In order for our species to evolve and move toward a better future for EVERYONE, we need to recognize this.  We need to put this task on ourselves, its starts with each and every one of us.  We need to be conscious about our actions and the message we are sending to our youth.  If we are able to expose children to love, not just love from ourselves but love from all around, everything and everyone.  Then they will grow up and love, love themselves and others, they will be love.


via Daily Prompt: Exposure


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