Fear & Happiness

What is happiness? How does someone achieve happiness?  And why do fear and happiness seem to coexist?  I honestly don’t know.  I have this vision in my head of “happiness”, I picture myself with my family in a nice home, spending time together, going on trips, and “living” so to speak… But how does one attain all of those  without putting in countless hours at a job (whether that be a loved job just a paycheck kind of job).  Countless hours and weekends because of the fear of being replaced, losing that job and everything you’ve achieved with it?

I struggle daily trying to find the perfect balance of family, work and play…and I know each day there are millions of people who get stuck in that same situation, that same routine… That is not my vision of happiness, but how do we break this cycle?  How to we say to our self that we want to take two weeks and go explore a new country, or make a spontaneous move to a new city, or do anything out of the ordinary?  How do we get the courage to make these huge decisions when we are constantly in fear of losing our safety net (ie. 9-5 job, Monday-Friday).  How do we let go of fear when we have a young child at home, or are barely able to cover the mortgage now?  I don’t know!?!  I don’t have an exact answer because each individual is different.  What I do know is that each day while meditating I feel like an inner part of me comes alive, I feel more motivated and my inner passion grows.  I starting finding ways to achieve goals and simultaneously become more adventurous.  The inner reflection of who I am and what I want allows me to let go of that fear.


Happiness, fear, and attitude are all interrelated.  If I keep a clear vision of what “happiness” is to me, and I think about it positively and maintain my desire to achieve that happiness then I become able to put fear in the backseat while I pursue my happiness.  Fear is good at times, it helps you prioritize but it should never be in the front seat influencing my decisions…


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